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The chemtards are always going to believe…

…but the claims are faked. Pretty obvious to everyone except the chemtard conspiracy believers.

1) He was NEVER an FBI chief
2) He left the FBI in 1979
3) The runway at Fort Sill’s is not long enough for what he is claiming
4) He died of cancer at age 82 and was NOT poisoned


This is another popular term from the chemtards that they like to use with the ‘Wake up‘ one; ie “wake up sheeples”. It just confirms how uneducated they are. As Rational Wiki explains:

Sheeple is a portmanteau of the words “sheep” and “people” used mainly by political cranks to describe the great unwashed masses that are blissfully unaware of whatever fringe issue is currently in vogue.

It is most commonly used by cornered cranks who are running out of false facts or have had all their “evidence” debunked, or a last ditch attempt to substitute actual evidence. The irony in this is that most conspiracy nuts that whip this word out are commonly, blindly following a ‘theory’ without having even a smidge of evidence supporting it.

I guess that says it all, and so does this:


Evidence of cover-up or evidence of the system working?


The chemtards have been whining that their “evidence” is being deleted by Wikipedia editors on the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory page and further whining that this is evidence of the cover-up and that Wikipedia is part of that cover up. See this nonsense:

Wikipedia’s credibility as a serious independent media has been undermined. Within a year, in the Wikipedia article “Chemtrails conspiracy theory”, we have registered 14 examples, mentioned below, of users’ attempts to add serious and relevant information and sources about chemtrails, which then immediately is removed by someone else… In addition, this document contains some of the best photos documenting chemtrails, that we have been able to find!

How dumb can the chemtards be? Their photos and their “serious information” were not evidence of chemtrails and this is just the Wikipedia system working how it should. The chemtards had no credible evidence (or incredible, for that matter). If they had that, the Wikipedia edits would have remained. Nonsense claims and bullshit are deleted by the editors to maintain Wikipedia’s credibility. No cover up here, as there is nothing to cover up.

Patent #741314582

The chemtards calls this indisputable proof that chemtrails are real.


The patent (here) is only for a firefighting intervention, not “chemtrails”. That picture is from the inside of a plane for firefighting. That is not close to being proof of chemtrails. Next.


Incidentally, Evergreen Air is NOT part of the CIA. Evergreen Air just purchased a storage facility off the CIA years ago. The chemtards and other conspiracy nutters want to read too much into this purchase. It was a simple commercial transaction and no evidence has ever surfaced that it was anything other than that. Evergreen Air no longer operates and has shut down.

And, WTF would a spy agency (ie CIA) be even involved in something like this for?

Wake Up

Evidence that the chemtards are irrational conspiracy nutters: they use the ‘Wake up’ emotional appeal as a logical fallacy.
This is common amongst those who promote conspiracy theories.

As Rational Wiki notes:

“WAKE UP” (almost always in all-caps) is a common emotional appeal and ad hominem phrase used by hardcore anti-vaxxers, anti-GMO proponents, white supremacists, and other whack-jobs, although the phrase is almost universally associated with conspiracy theorists. Its usage is usually an indicator that you’ve wandered into the nuttier tin-foil hat section of the Internet. An idea should be able to stand on its own merits instead of being packed with condescension and emotional appeals.

They can’t provide any real evidence for chemtrails, so resort to logical fallacies to present their case. Epic fail.

Facebook is a goldmine of “Wake up’s” from the chemtards that can be used to ridicule and mock them.