Wake Up

Evidence that the chemtards are irrational conspiracy nutters: they use the ‘Wake up’ emotional appeal as a logical fallacy.
This is common amongst those who promote conspiracy theories.

As Rational Wiki notes:

“WAKE UP” (almost always in all-caps) is a common emotional appeal and ad hominem phrase used by hardcore anti-vaxxers, anti-GMO proponents, white supremacists, and other whack-jobs, although the phrase is almost universally associated with conspiracy theorists. Its usage is usually an indicator that you’ve wandered into the nuttier tin-foil hat section of the Internet. An idea should be able to stand on its own merits instead of being packed with condescension and emotional appeals.

They can’t provide any real evidence for chemtrails, so resort to logical fallacies to present their case. Epic fail.

Facebook is a goldmine of “Wake up’s” from the chemtards that can be used to ridicule and mock them.