Evidence of cover-up or evidence of the system working?


The chemtards have been whining that their “evidence” is being deleted by Wikipedia editors on the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory page and further whining that this is evidence of the cover-up and that Wikipedia is part of that cover up. See this nonsense:

Wikipedia’s credibility as a serious independent media has been undermined. Within a year, in the Wikipedia article “Chemtrails conspiracy theory”, we have registered 14 examples, mentioned below, of users’ attempts to add serious and relevant information and sources about chemtrails, which then immediately is removed by someone else… In addition, this document contains some of the best photos documenting chemtrails, that we have been able to find!

How dumb can the chemtards be? Their photos and their “serious information” were not evidence of chemtrails and this is just the Wikipedia system working how it should. The chemtards had no credible evidence (or incredible, for that matter). If they had that, the Wikipedia edits would have remained. Nonsense claims and bullshit are deleted by the editors to maintain Wikipedia’s credibility. No cover up here, as there is nothing to cover up.