United Nations testimony on chemtrails …. not

The chemtards like to quote this testimony before the United nations as evidence for chemtrails:

1. It was NOT testimony before the UN. It was at a conference held in the UN building(big difference).
2. She is not a ‘whistleblower’, as she is not an insider and is blowing the whistle on nothing.
3. There is not one shred of proof in that video for chemtrails.
4. She is speaking in future tense about the possibilities of weather modification. That does not mean they are doing it and does not mean that chemtrails are real.
5. On You Tube, the video is reloaded several times with the title “Chemtrails, Here is your PROOF 100% Real “MUST WATCH” … epic fail. No proof there. Next.

and guess what; a couple of years after that conference at the UN, she went on to say that there is no evidence for chemtrails:

Hey chemtards, explain that if you can.