I wish a Chemtard would answer this…

…and despite repeated requests in many places, they never do.

Have a read of this article: A Million Poisoning Planes; Reductio ad Absurdum

They do the maths in what would be needed to spray just the USA with the alleged chemicals that are claimed by the chemtards.
They work out that:
“the government would need to schedule four million 747 flights to spread their chemicals each week—eighteen times more flights per day than in the entire US.”
– “Unless a plane could make multiple runs per day, a true chemtrail conspiracy would need 2,700 times as many 747s as have ever been constructed.”

Not to mention the infrastructure and personal to support such an enterprise….and that is just for the USA, what about all the other countries?

I kinda think that this many flights and the infrastructure wold be noticeable wouldn’t it?