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Plea to Erin Brockovich….

…fell on deaf ears.


A Facebook group was set up (Plea to Erin Brockovich for Legal Action against Chemtrails) to try and get activist lawyer Erin Brockovich to take on the case of legal action for the chemtrails. Not sure who they actually thought they could actually take legal action against, but Erin Brockovich did not want a bar of it. She is a smart lady and would have quickly realized what a load of nonsense the chemtards were spouting and that she wanted nothing to do with them. She knows a lost cause when she sees one.

Why the science deniers threaten our future

If the chemtards really do care about the future of our planet, then they should read this book:


…and then they will see the harm that they are doing to our future.

If you really care about our future, then this book is worth reading. Here is a good quote from the book:

Whether we take the path of science and rationality or superstition and denial will determine whether we survive another century on this planet.

Buy the book: | | | |

There are many good reviews of this book: Here and here

Have the Chemtards really found a whistleblower?

They think they have:

…but just show how gullible the chemtards are at falling for nonsense from someone with no credibility.

Notice the inconsistencies in the claims she makes. She is making up a large part of what she is claiming. Perhaps the chemtards could explain those…. or perhaps they can’t see the inconsistencies as they so much want to believe. Notice that she offered absolutely no hard evidence.

Why have not the mainstream media taken this up if it really is a whistleblower? Why is she talking to a conspiracy site for a You Tube video and not the mainstream media? There is a reason and its not because of a cover-up … and if they think is was a cover-up, perhaps the chemtards could explain why they can’t get the YouTube video’s shut down? (see this).

Where is the chemtrails evidence from Edward Snowden?


Edward Snowden (Wikipedia link) was the contractor to the National Security Agency that leaked a whole lot of secret government business. If you look around all the chemtard websites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels you see references to all the information that Edward Snowden released providing evidence for chemtrails.

He did not release any information on that! Someone just made it up and all the chemtards repeated that lie amongst themselves so many times that they convinced themselves it was true. Go check for yourself. Go to the actual source. Look at the documents he actually released and not the chemtard sites and you will easily see that he actually released nothing on chemtrails. He gave no interviews to anyone on this topic – that interview was made up and did not happen. Next.

The existence of a patent is not evidence

Just because there are patents granted for things like geoengineering and cloud seeding, that is not evidence that anyone is actually doing it! It just means that someone was granted a patent for it. Nothing more and nothing less.

chemtrail patent

There are millions of patents for things (eg anti-gravity devices) that no one is actually doing, so the existence of a patent is not evidence for the thing that has been patented (unless you really are bat shit crazy and believe in things like anti-gravity devices).