Why can’t the ‘cover-up’ delete the You Tube Videos?


We keep hearing about the all powerful cover-up that is keeping the public from knowing the “truth” (actually its a “lie”) about chemtrails. They allegedly manipulate all the mainstream media, Wikipedia, not to mention 10 000’s of pilots, aircraft personal, government officials etc etc … man, that is a whole lot of power.

How come they can’t get the You Tube videos from the Chemtards deleted if they are that powerful and their cover-up goes so deep? … you know those videos that the Chemtards call “evidence” (that really aren’t) …. why can’t the “powerful” get them deleted? Surely if they control the mainstream media and Wikipedia and all those people involved, You Tube should be a piece of cake?

Or could the reason be that there is no cover-up and all those You Tube videos from the chemtards that they claim are “evidence” are just made up fantasies of deluded minds?