Hey Chemtards, explain this…


Best comment I have ever seen on a chemtard video:

More than 120,865 commercial pilots in the United States, More than 142,511 airline transport pilots, over 15000 air traffic control personnel, 123,000 Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians in the US, 98700 people employed as Flight Attendants, 3108 USAF airlift pilots, 3491 fighter, 25 astronauts in the USAF, 759 bomber, 1468 tanker pilots, then you have navigators, load masters, flight engineers, boom operators, baggage handlers, cargo loaders, ramp agents, the tens of thousand of people who build aircraft, the over 200 thousand private pilots, 15,220 sail plane pilots, balloon pilots, hang glider pilots, paraglider pilots, 97,409 certified flight instructors, 4,066 sport pilots, 21,141 rotorcraft-(helicopter) pilots, 90000 people employed as Aerospace Engineers, 10 thousand meteorologists, NTSB investigators, hundreds of thousands if not millions of hours flown, hundreds of millions of miles flown….Almost 2 million people who work directly, indirectly or as a recreational participant in aviation daily in just the United States alone. Yet in over 20 years not one reliable person with an aviation back ground or experience has presented any credible evidence physical or otherwise of chemtrails. None have reported chemtrails, none report secret tanks, fleets of tankers, no stock piles of chemicals have been reported or found, no dispersal equipment found, no one has ever found aircraft being tanked up with chemicals, not one mishap or crash involving one of these chemtankers, NTSB has never found evidence of extra tanks on any aircraft involved in a mishap or crash, none report unusual activity or aircraft dispersing spray, no aviation worker union has ever raised a concern, no ill pilots or crew members, nana, zip, zero nill………. Could it be that over a million are in on this secret chemtrail operation? Is it possible that these highly trained people just fail to “Look Up” and see what the chem gurus see? Or perhaps they understand just a little more about aircraft, weather, and contrails than the chemtrail proponent and recognize it for what it is? …….A hoax.

Do the maths. Do you seriously expect anyone  to believe the numbers  that have to be involved?

I found this comment on the (non)whistle blower chemtard YouTube Video. I would love the chemtards to explain why there are so many people mentioned above involved (and not to mention those at Wikipedia and the media they claims are involved in the cover up) have not come up with some real hard evidence. Also, take the above and multiple it by every country in the world (as they have contrails above them too). All those people who are supposed to be keeping this a secret? Seriously?