Explain this about Evergreen Air….

We briefly mentioned Evergreen Air here. See this picture:
http://www.airliners.net/photo/Evergreen-International-Airlines/Boeing-747-273C/2226294/ (1)
It does the rounds of the Chemtard sites and Facebook groups as proof of chemtrails and spraying by Evergreen Air and the CIA. Yet, as you can see, the plane is partly dismantled and hasn’t flown in years.

Perhaps the chemtards could answer these questions (modified from Debunking Chemtrails):
1) If that was a “secret” chemtrail plane, why are tours being offered of it?
2) There are only a couple of picture of this plane dispersing firefighting chemicals. If this plane was doing it on a daily basis, why are there no more picture of it doing so?
3) Yes they have a patent (see this post), but if they were really doing something illegal or ultra-secret, why would they want to declare it via a patent?

(1) Ironically, the chemtards complain about the legality of “chemtrails”, yet illegally breech the copyright and share the image linked above all over the place … go figure!